Sidari Corfu

Sidari is a destination that offers both tranquil moments of enjoyment in the sea, as well as interesting activities and intense nightlife, making it undoubtedly one of the most popular destinations of Corfu, ideal for every type of holiday, for every visitor to the island regardless of age and taste.

It is one of the most popular tourist resorts in North Corfu, since it is usually the first choice of visitors to the island for accommodation and entertainment. This enchanting place, apart from its natural beauty and the many experiences it offers, is a rich source of history, which dates back to ancient times and is of great interest.

In fact, Sidari consists of two seaside villages that have been united over time, separated only by the beach. However, this enchanting place has a rich history dating back to antiquity and testifies to the presence of people in the area since Neolithic and prehistoric times. Archaeological excavations reveal that Sidari is the oldest settlement in all the Ionian Islands, as the first inhabitants appeared around 7,770 years ago. Thus, Sidari combines its beautiful nature with a long and important history.

In the past, Sidari belonged to the region of Peroulades and, in particular, to Ano Peroulades. During the period 1503-1505, it was a separate settlement called Garnades or Garnavades. The place name Sidari came from the church of Agios Sideros which was located in the area of Garnades.

Sidari until the late 1980’s, was just a magnificent but almost isolated beach, located on the northwest coast of Corfu. The land belonged to the inhabitants of Avliotes, a village located nearby but in the interior of the island.

Although the beach was exotic, it was almost indifferent to tourists. Only a few adventurous people visited it from the surrounding tourist centers, just to swim in its deep blue waters. However, the road to the beach was miserable, full of potholes, and it was considered lucky whoever got out of there without getting a flat tire.

Later everything changed, however, and in the mid-1990s the tourist development in Sidari kicked off the marathon of renovation and upgrading of the area. Landowners in the area began to realize its value, and started investing in the tourism sector. Thus, the village of Sidari and the beach were transformed from a pure landscape to a bustling tourist resort that is famous for its beauty even today.

Nowadays, the main street in Sidari is full of the pulsating energy of clubs, bars and taverns offering a rich variety of fun options for your night out. From karaoke of favorite foreign hits to live Greek music, you’re sure to find a place to have fun!

The village is a true paradise for gastronomy lovers, as it provides an incredible variety of restaurants where you can enjoy dishes from all corners of the world. From the most authentic Greek dishes to the most exotic and experimental, the village is truly a gastronomic destination not to be missed!

As for fun during the day, of course everyone’s interest is focused on water activities, since the beach is the perfect place to have a good time during the hot summer days! The beach of Sidari, is one of the most beautiful and largest on the island, with its turquoise waters deepening smoothly and not steeply, making it ideal for swimming for young and old alike.
But the splendour of this natural landscape does not end here.

If you walk along the golden coastline, you will discover the remarkably carved clay cliffs that rise up in front of you, which bear the name Canal D’Amour, meaning the Canal of Love. This is a much-photographed geological phenomenon, one of the most famous sights of Corfu Island.

This unsurpassed natural wonder is a rare experience that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Its central part is a small, sandy beach set between two sandstone cliffs, from which you can dive into the turquoise waters and swim up to the nearby small submarine-like rocks scattered around. You can climb on them to enjoy the incredible views.

Beyond the beautiful beach, there are several caves and small holes in the surrounding rocks, a real treasure trove for explorers. According to local legend, meeting your partner while swimming among the rocks will seal your love forever!

Sidari is one of the most ideal choices for those who wish to enjoy carefree and relaxing holidays in Greece. The beautiful sea view and the warm sun that embraces the area, offer a refreshing atmosphere for the visitor. The restaurants in the area offer traditional Greek dishes, as well as global flavors, to satisfy every culinary preference. On the other hand, youngsters will find countless options to have fun as the nightlife is rich and varied.

Although it is in an ideal location to discover the northern and western beaches of the island, getting to the more remote areas can prove to be difficult. Undoubtedly, a rental car is the best option to enjoy the rest of the island’s beauty in comfort and without hassle. Don’t stress about the distant places, since with your own car you will avoid the traffic jam and enjoy the beauty of the island without wasting precious time and energy on public transport or on your way back to the city.

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