Roda Corfu

The village of Roda is one of the most popular and oldest villages of northern Corfu. It is located between Acharavi and Sidari, two also well-known tourist resorts, and together they make up the trio of the busiest villages on the northern side of the island. The village takes its name from the beautiful beach that stretches right in front of it.

Significant archaeological findings from the 5th century BCE attest to the antiquity of the existence of the village of Roda. The area was inhabited in ancient times, as evidenced by several architectural remains. The ruins of a Doric temple from classical times, located west of the modern settlement, constitute the most significant discovery of the area.

In 1939, the Archaeological Society excavated a propylaeum of a Doric temple and brought to light the wide staircase, as well as parts of its roof, such as the cornice with inscribed decoration, clay hymns, and marble fragments. The temple dates back to the 5th century BCE. In 1930, the then Supervisor of Antiquities, Ioannis Papadimitriou, located columns of the temple in the area known as ‘Agios Georgios tou Stylou,’ from which other remnants were used in modern buildings in the settlement of Rhodes.

In 1939, the Archaeological Society, led by Papadimitriou once again, conducted the first excavation in the area, during which the terrace, walls, and significant portions of the superstructure of the temple were brought to light. In 1967, during excavations by the Archaeological Service under the inspector Georgios Dontas, the rectangular altar was discovered east of the church.

Many of the findings from the excavations are displayed at the Archaeological Museum of Corfu. These findings are exhibited there, along with many other archaeological objects from ancient Corfu and Thesprotia. You can visit the museum in the city of Corfu to see them.

The village is green, with lush hills and olive groves that create a picturesque and peaceful atmosphere. It combines vegetation and sea in perfect harmony, something that usually excites visitors, as this place is ideal for exploration. While taking a nice walk, you can find yourself in several nearby traditional villages, such as Sfakera and enjoy the local cuisine. Sfakera is the place of residence of most of the people of Rhodes, since Rhodes is used by the locals mainly during the summer season.

Roda village has developed as an ideal destination for tourists, offering plenty of entertainment options throughout the day. There are many restaurants, cafes and bars offering local and international cuisine, while plenty of options for nightlife are available. Visitors can enjoy live music, karaoke and Greek nights, as other events that are regularly organized.

It aims to accommodate a diverse range of tourists by offering a variety of amenities. In addition to traditional Greek-style restaurants, the village also features a few British-style bars that cater to different tastes, often broadcasting sports events.

The beach of Roda is simply breathtaking. Its sand is soft and golden, while the water is crystal clear and has amazing turquoise colors. Guests can relax on the sunbeds and umbrellas that are available and there is also the option to enjoy refreshing drinks and snacks at the beachside tavernas and bars located nearby.

The visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy various sea activities. There are boat rentals for those who wish to explore the adjacent area on their own or hire a private boat for a tour of the area, while water sports enthusiasts can have fun doing parasailing, Ringo ride, crazy soda etc.

The beach of Roda is one of the most organized and well-kept beaches on this side of the island. Besides, the coast is the heart of the village. Everything you need, you will find either in the village itself, or in the neighboring Acharavi and Sidari, which are also shopping centers, having a number of pharmacies and various other services covering your every need.

Renting a car in the village of Roda is particularly important as it provides you with the opportunity to discover the surrounding villages of North Corfu with ease and freedom. With a rental car, you will have the opportunity to explore beautiful destinations, with unique natural beauty and incredible waters, such as Karousades, Agios Stefanos, Peroulades and many more.

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