Moraitika Corfu

Moraitika is a place that offers an ideal choice for families and all those who wish to escape and create their own summer memories.

The tourist center of Moraitika is a bustling hub that stretches on both sides of the main road leading to the southern part of Corfu, attracting the highest number of visitors, especially during the evenings. This vibrant area, nestled between the main road and the sandy coastline, is teeming with life and excitement.

In recent years, the vast space between the road and the beach has been transformed into a thriving district filled with hotels, apartments, and a myriad of dining options. Countless restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have emerged, vying for the title of the liveliest spot in the village. The atmosphere is electric as people indulge in delicious cuisine, sip refreshing cocktails, and dance the night away, creating a vibrant tapestry of colors, sounds, and laughter.

However, Moraitika also has a serene side to offer. The old and picturesque part of the village, characterized by narrow streets and traditional houses with quaint courtyards, exudes a sense of tranquility.

It is here that you will find an ancient gem, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, dating back to the 3rd century B.C. This outstanding sacred temple nestled in the heart of the traditional village bears witness to the enduring presence of Moraitika throughout the ages, tracing its roots back to Neolithic times.

Adding to the historical significance and antiquity of the area, the remains of a Greco-Roman building have been discovered at the mouth of the Mesongi River, which separates Moraitika from the eponymous village. This discovery serves as a testament to the rich history and heritage of the place.

In Moraitika, you’ll find the perfect blend of vibrant energy and historical charm, where modernity coexists with ancient traditions, offering a truly captivating experience for visitors of all ages.

It is the only tourist resort in eastern Corfu with a sandy beach. The large village of Moraitika, starting from the hills of the area, stretches all the way to the coast, which boasts the most beautiful beach on this side of the island. This picturesque village caters to every type of tourism, offering visitors a plethora of activities from morning till night.

Moraitika village itself is a vibrant hub of excitement and adventure. From the moment you enter its charming streets, you’ll be greeted by a lively atmosphere filled with the aromas of delicious Greek cuisine wafting from the local tavernas. Explore the colorful shops and boutiques, where you can find unique souvenirs and handmade crafts to commemorate your visit.

For the adventurous souls, Moraitika offers an array of thrilling activities. Take part in water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, or windsurfing, and feel the adrenaline rush as you glide across the waves. Embark on a boat tour and discover hidden coves and secluded beaches, immersing yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

As the sun sets, Moraitika transforms into a vibrant nightlife scene. The village comes alive with music, laughter, and the clinking of glasses as locals and visitors gather in the cozy bars and tavernas. Indulge in traditional Greek dances and live music performances, immersing yourself in the rich cultural heritage of the island.

For the adventurous souls, Moraitika offers an array of thrilling activities. Take part in water sports such as water skiing, parasailing, or scuba diving, and feel the adrenaline rush as you glide across the waves. Additionally, you can embark on private excursions from the area to any famous destination or landmark in Corfu that you desire or discover lesser-known places not widely known to the public. You can rent your own boat or join small fishing trips organized by boat companies in the area!

Of course, we couldn’t leave out the most exciting of them all, appealing to both young and adults: the Water Fun Park in Moraitika! It is one of the largest water parks on the island of Corfu. The most fun floating, inflatable park with endless games for all those who want to enjoy unforgettable moments of play in the sea.

Having a rental car at your disposal will allow you to easily reach this amazing destination, which also offers countless neighboring places worth visiting, such as Messonghi, the fishing village of Boukari, the stunning Lake Korission, and more. The village is located 13 kilometers away from the city, and public transportation might not be convenient, especially in the heat of summer, as the distance from the nearest stops to your destination is quite significant.

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