Kalami Corfu

Nestled on Corfu’s northeast coast, Kalami offers a tranquil escape with its pristine beach, lush surroundings, and rich history, enchanting nature lovers and history buffs alike.

Kalami is captivating with its unspoiled charm and serene atmosphere. Just 30 kilometers from Corfu Town and 6 kilometers from Kassiopi, this picturesque village offers a perfect escape for those seeking a tranquil and restful holiday. Unlike some of Corfu’s bustling destinations, Kalami has retained its authentic island character, making it an ideal retreat for romantic getaways, nature enthusiasts, and anyone yearning to immerse themselves in the captivating essence of Greek island life.

Kalami unfolds in a lush, horseshoe-shaped bay, with its pristine waters reflecting the vibrant green of the surrounding pine and cypress trees. Framed by the villages of Gimari and Vlahatika, Kalami offers fleeting glimpses of the Albanian coastline across the crystal-clear Ionian Sea.

The story of Kalami is intrinsically linked to the Durrell family, renowned Philhellenes who played a significant role in introducing the world to the island’s wonders. In 1935, the family arrived in Corfu and soon discovered Kalami during their explorations. Captivated by its beauty and the warmth of its people, they chose to stay for three years, residing in the now famous “White House.” This experience later inspired Lawrence Durrell, one of the family’s children, to write “Prospero’s Cell,” a guidebook that beautifully captures the island’s landscapes and traditions. Today, the White House remains a central attraction, drawing visitors with its rich history and captivating charm.

The village boasts a charming atmosphere, with a delightful array of seaside restaurants, bars, supermarkets, souvenir shops, and tourist offices, all conveniently accessible throughout the day. Kalami offers a variety of accommodation options to suit diverse needs and preferences, including charming boutique hotels, family-friendly villas, and traditional apartments. Regardless of your choice, expect to experience the warmth and hospitality that are hallmarks of Greek culture.

Kalami Beach, the village’s centerpiece, offers a serene setting for relaxation. Soak up the sun under the shade of a parasol on a rented sunbed or explore the crystal-clear waters on a pedal boat or canoe.

For those seeking a touch of adventure, the water sports center provides exciting options like water skiing, tubing, and banana boat rides, all under the guidance of experienced trainers. However, Kalami’s beauty lies in its stunning beach, regarded as one of the island’s most exquisite. The pristine waters, reflecting the lush greenery, create a captivating atmosphere of tranquility, further enhanced by the Blue Flag distinction held by the beach.

Nature enthusiasts and avid hikers will enjoy exploring the neighboring Kouloura, Houhoulio, and Kerasia coves, which are easily accessible through picturesque walking trails. These hidden gems offer a chance to experience the island’s untouched beauty and immerse oneself in nature’s embrace.

While Kalami offers a secluded and peaceful atmosphere, exploring beyond the village is highly recommended. Renting a car unlocks the freedom to discover Corfu’s many treasures. Visit the nearby villages of Kassiopi and Agios Stefanos, explore the island’s historical sites, or embark on scenic drives along the breathtaking coastlines. With a car, you can tailor your Corfu experience and create lasting memories in this enchanting island paradise.

With its tranquil atmosphere, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich history, Kalami provides an ideal escape for those seeking a rejuvenating and authentic Greek island experience. So, pack your bags, embrace the serenity of Kalami, and discover the magic that awaits you in this captivating corner of Corfu.

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