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What are the age requirements for getting a car rental with Bluebird Corfu Car Hire?

You can rent a car from 21 to 72 years old. In case you are 21-23 years old, you must have a credit card with you so we can seize the amount of the excess needed.

Can a second driver be included in the rental contract?

Yes, this service is offered totally for free.

Are there any charges for the delivery of a car rental?

The delivery costs depend on delivery location but car deliveries to certain locations, such as the airport of Corfu, are offered for free. Please contact us for further details regarding this matter.

Am I allowed to drive your car rentals in any other place except for the island of Corfu?

Yes, but you should firstly get a written permission by the staff members of our company.

Is there any support in case of breakdown or an accident caused with your car rentals?

Yes, our staff members are always happy to respond to your requests and help you resolve any problems concerning your car rental. Moreover, there is 24/7 helpline in order you to contact us any time.

What extra services do your rates include?

Our rates include road maps of Corfu, unlimited mileage, baby & booster seats, GPS, the opportunity of having a second driver and replacement of car in case of breakdown.

Can you rent a car in Corfu?

Yes of course. It is our recommendation if you want to explore the island of Corfu with flexibility. Car Hire is offered in various locations around the Island with Corfu Airport being the most Requested one. You can Book a car with Bluebird Corfu Car Rental at the best rates in Corfu!

How long does it take to drive around Corfu?

The Distance from the Northest part of the island to the Southest one is approximately 80 km. Corfu Town Is located in the center of the island. That makes it 40 km to drive to the north and 40 km to drive to the south part of Corfu. To make the round of Corfu IslandĀ it would take you approximately 200 kmĀ making it aĀ 5 and a half hour straightforward driveĀ without visiting every single area and exploring it.

Disclaimer: In any case, the road markings are valid and this text cannot be considered as an official source.

Do I need an international driving license for Corfu?

Planning to rent a car for your next vacation on Corfu Island? Do not forget to bring an International Driverā€™s License with you. According to Greek Laws, it is required for a foreign driver to carry an International Driving Permit (IDP) and a state-issued driverā€™s license and show it to the authorities during a check-up.

What is the speed limit in Corfu?

TheĀ speed limitĀ on the highways of Corfu is 100 km/hour (62 mph), on the open roads outside of the cities the limit is 80 km/hour (50 mph), and within the city, the limit is 50 km/hour (31 mph).

What's it like driving in Corfu?

If you drive carefully you wonā€™t have any problem driving in Corfu. The Island has many narrow roads with many turns and hills, so you have to be extra cautious. Besides that, driving on Corfu Island is fairly easy. You can also find some bigger roads. Traffic can be much heavier during the summer season and especially during July and August as tourism is at its peak.

Do I need a car in Corfu?

Car rental in Corfu is our recommendation if you would like to enjoy your vacation at the fullest. It will be easier for you to discover the Islandā€™s hidden gems, wonderful beaches, and charming villages on your own terms. Most of the above mentioned can be found at long distances from Corfuā€™s Center. You can also rent a car at Corfu Airport (CFU) and have it delivered to you immediately after you land.

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