Old Peritheia Corfu

Imagine walking through the forgotten streets of Old Perithia, a place frozen in time. The verdant landscape consists of crumbling stone mansions, narrow cobbled streets, and ruined churches with silent bell towers.

The history of this place dates to around the 3rd century BC and is evident in every corner of the town. The atmosphere exudes a historical grandeur – this place is so alive that it is easy to imagine the life of the people who once walked the same streets and called this place home.

This medieval village is one of Corfu’s most famous attractions, as it is the oldest village on the island. Today, the village remains a fascinating place that captures the essence of the past. You will find yourself walking through narrow alleys with old stone houses and ancient churches with faded frescoes adorning their walls. The charming atmosphere of the village will take you back in time.

As for the name of the village, there are two prevailing theories. The first claims that it was named after the surrounding mountains, which form a peripheral view.

The second theory, which emerged later, claims that the village was named after the eight churches that protected it from all sides, thus becoming known as Perithia – “surrounded by the divine.”

A significant part of the island’s population that once lived on the coast was forced to relocate to the inland areas of Corfu for safety. This mass relocation created the Old Perithia village.

However, by the early 1960s, the once mountainous shelter was utterly and finally deserted, abandoned alone among the mountains for an extended period. Thus, the locals began to call it a “ghost village.” The once vibrant and lively village was now in ruins, with its abandoned stone houses and overgrown gardens silently crumbling.

However, fate had other plans for this village. It was not destined to be forgotten and abandoned over time. In recent years, many, primarily tourists, have loved the village of Old Perithia (once known as Ano Perithia). It has gained a dedicated following of enthusiasts who want to explore and see the village up close.

People worldwide, including artists, poets, historians, and writers, find the tranquility and inspiration they sought in this unique destination, whose historic character remains untouched. Old Perithia is alive again, as 35% of the houses and buildings have been restored.

Old Perithia adorns many Greek and foreign magazines such as the Guardian and the Independent with its medieval beauty and traditional character, making more people read about it. With the rapid growth that the ghost village has experienced, there are now excellent traditional tavernas for dining and superb guesthouses in preserved historic buildings that are worth experiencing in person.

Nestled amidst Corfu’s rugged terrain, Old Perithia is the perfect launching point for outdoor adventures. With Mount Pantokratoras under the village, adventurers flock to this historic village to conquer the island’s highest peak at 906 meters. Panoramic vistas await you, offering breathtaking views of Corfu’s picturesque landscape and the nearby shores of Albania.

A network of hiking trails awaits those craving more exploration, where travelers discover breathtaking scenery. Embark on a 2-hour stroll to the charming village of Lafki, where stunning vistas unfold with Old Perithia as a picturesque backdrop. Alternatively, cycling enthusiasts can pedal through natural trails surrounding the village, immersing themselves in the tranquil ambiance of Corfu’s countryside.

You can explore the nearby villages and scenic vistas at your own pace with a car. Whether by foot, bike, or car, Old Perithia promises unforgettable experiences amidst the natural splendor of Corfu’s mountainous landscape.

The Old Perithia is a unique sight that everyone visiting Corfu Island must experience at least once. However, to get there, as the village is located one and a half hours away from the center of Corfu by car, you must rent a vehicle, as no public transportation is available to Old Perithia. Unless, of course, you want to walk for 8 hours!

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