Corfu Town

Corfu Town is a beautiful destination that offers a blend of luxury, cosmopolitan influences, and enticing flavors and aromas. It is the premier city in the Ionian Sea.

Corfu is an ideal destination for every kind of tourism, as every island corner features something different. But the diamond of the island, which has always stolen the heart of every explorer, visitor, and local, is the Corfu Town. 

Corfu Town is a magical place that combines historical and modern elements with a fantastic harmony, offering an unparalleled combination that can satisfy every taste. It is the most elegant capital of the Ionian Islands and the island’s most prominent commercial center. The town is divided into old and new eras, with its historical side including countless sites and monuments of historical interest, revealing how rich and complex the island’s history is. It was conquered by many different nations, who have been essential factors in shaping its culture.

However, the modern part of the town has an urban character while at the same time maintaining unchanged the cosmopolitan, different air that the island has acquired over the years. The new town is structured exactly like an urban center, including tall buildings, squares, shopping streets, and countless modern shops that serve every public need.

The commercial side of the town is one of the best in the Ionian Sea in almost every sector, especially in fashion and fine dining. The pedestrian streets and avenues are packed with shops of all kinds. Clothing stores dominate the roads, where you can find anything that suits your style: from couture clothes and well-known fashion houses to handmade pieces, shoes of a wide range of styles, accessories, and jewelry that satisfy every taste.

As for entertainment, you will find every kind of shop on every side and corner of the town: cafes, bars, restaurants, taverns, pubs, fast food places, patisseries, anything you can think of. In Corfu Town, you will discover new and exciting traditional or more exquisite flavors. Many of the town’s restaurants serving fine dining or conventional dishes have won gastronomic awards, such as the FNL Best Restaurant awards.

The nightlife in the modern side of the island’s town is vibrant and miscellaneous, like everything else on the island of Corfu. If you stroll around, you will find what suits you: a relaxed drink overlooking the sea or trying traditional Greek drinks like tsipouro at a taverna. Even if you’re interested in something funkier, like a cool cocktail in the heart of the center amongst the crowds, Corfu Town has it all.

The town of Corfu is a rare combination with distinctive features, rich history, and outstanding quality. This complex mix creates a unique cultural miracle, unfolding before the eyes of the town’s visitors. Corfu Town is a place that exudes an “otherworldly” air, as it offers a unique experience to those who walk and live it up close, as it combines the old and the new eras, having its unique way and rhythm of life.

Having a vehicle such as a car at your disposal, regardless of the area where you have chosen to stay for your holidays, you can quickly go to Corfu Town to discover all that we have mentioned above without any difficulty.

Wander around and within Corfu Town in comfort, whether for shopping, strolling, dining, or exploring the local beauties of the center. Take advantage of the opportunity and try the variety of local food and wines. The local eating will take you on a journey through the flavors and aromas of Corfu, winning your heart! The unique flavors and traditional dishes are an integral part of the local culture and essential to your experience in the town.

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